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Safety Is our Top Priority

Our top priority is the safety and well-being of our team members, our guests, and each and every member of our community. To keep all of us safe, we have implemented new health and safety protocols that go above and beyond our already strict standards.

Air Purifiers

Our air purifiers have three-stage filtration, honeycomb activated carbon filters, and true HEPA filters.  In  addition, we have installed an Ultraviolet Air Purification System at the source in our HVAC.

Food Safety Protocols

We've redesigned processes with the guidance of food safety experts.  Our cooking stations have minimal interaction, and any shared equipment is sanitized between use.

Contactless Takeaway Orders

We seal our packaging and delivery bags to ensure your food is safe after it leaves our kitchens.  All of our pickup stations are contactless.

Required Safety Equipment

We require our team members to wear the face masks and gloves we provide. To keep all of us safe, anyone entering our space must also wear a face covering, and also while away from the table.

Wellness Checks

We check team member temperatures at the start of each shift. Team members must also complete a wellness checklist before starting work for the day.  Team members are required to stay home if they do not feel well.

Frequent Hand Washing and Sanitizing

We follow strict and thorough handwashing guidelines issued by the FDA and CDC.  Team members change gloves regularly and at least every 30 minutes.  Work stations and restrooms are cleaned and sanitized every 30 minutes.  Tables are cleaned and sanitized between seatings.